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What We Do

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Our ongoing athletic development program is designed to transform you into an athletic animal. Each workout has a specific focus to improve your fitness and sculpt your physique.

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The Barefoot Team

Andy Robinson

Coach / Attempts to Lift Things

Williams Landing, Australia

Having started coaching at the age of 16 whilst training for powerlifting competitions, I made the switch to weightlifting coaching and have spent the last several years studying movement patterns. I specialise in developing systems to help people embed successful habits which can be tailored and individualised to your specific goals.

I like to play games on easy mode to make myself feel good and get distracted by anything fluffy with four legs.


Gym Puppers

Williams Landing, Australia

Recently took the decision to move from just outside of Orange, NSW to join the studio at Williams Landing in order to really launch his career as a gym floof. Loves taking long walks through tall grass and sleeping on anything that’s not his own bed.

He is currently researching the nutritional value of his own paws and tail and specializes in being a very good boy.

Elis Bucher

Half Coach / Half Hair

Malton, UK

Yorkshire born and bred. I’ve always loved playing outdoors and creating adventure. I started off in The Workhouse Gym in 2013 as a coach & manager before buying it with Samuel Mills on 1st August 2017. I’m a Strength and conditioning level 2 coach, with Olympic lifting level 1 and personal training level 3. I’ve dipped my toe in competing in powerlifting (under 93kg), kettlebell sport and strongman (under 90kg).

I’m pretty sure I was a Teenage Mutant Nina Turtle in a former life with a pizza obsession. PIZZA!