Why Barefoot?

Mission statement: To help people improve their quality of life and quality of movement. To develop better athletes and to create a supportive, positive community who share a common goal of bettering themselves and others.

Barefoot Values:

  • To always continue our own learning and help others do the same
  • To offer help to people in a way that we would want to receive help ourselves
  • To be honest, kind and supportive
  • To appreciate every individual’s story and perspective
  • To offer service with care and integrity. No fads, no bullsh*t

Everyone has the right to be happy, healthy and should be able to learn how to use & celebrate their physical abilities.

The Fitness industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world with an approximate global revenue of over $80 billion USD annually. With this monetisation, the industry has become saturated with trainers, coaches and companies who have little understanding of human movement and who place a priority on their own self-worth over the needs of their customers.

The truth is, we don’t need to be spending a lot on getting fit and healthy. If we live by the following 3 principles, we’re going to be further ahead than if we just spend money on supplements and the latest health trends:

Eat real food, enjoy moving in different ways and celebrate the small things.

The fitness industry has so much potential to influence healthcare and people’s well-being. An example being CrossFit; regardless of whether you love it or hate it and whilst it does have it’s own problems, CrossFit has managed to do in 5 years what health professionals have been trying to do for decades in getting people on a large scale to exercise and understand and appreciate their nutrition.


“If things were different I would be happier. I need to make a change or I’m never going to feel good!”


“I’ve got some room for improvement. But I have the opportunity and ability to do something about it. I can’t wait to notice the difference.”

The two statements above more or less tell the same story, but with different perspectives. The first, starting with a negative mindset in that we’re starting in a bad position and what we’re doing is something that we have to do which we won’t enjoy. Straight away, there’ll be excuses to stray away from the hard work and slip back into old routines.

The second sees the journey as an opportunity and will be drawn to the hard work because there is an underlying appreciation of the process as a whole. This is what leads to success.

“I used to cry when I had no shoes, until I saw the man with no legs.”

Life is full of opportunities and gifts and that’s what we need to focus on, rather than what we don’t have. This will not always happen naturally, we will occasionally need to force ourselves to be positive. We will need to push ourselves to break old habits and remind ourselves on a regular basis to consider our perspective. Over time, it should become more natural and our attitudes will become generally more positive. That’s when we will be able to start noticing the real difference that we can make to ourselves and others.